High Triglycerides

Learn the details about high triglycerides.

Causes of high triglycerides

High triglycerides can be brought on by a variety of underlying medical conditions in patients. Several of the possibilities are briefly mentioned here. Please keep in mind that this is not a complete list, nor is it professional medical advice. Causes of high triglycerides can include items not mentioned below, and a lack of such an existing condition does not preclude an individual's triglycerides from becoming or being elevated.

Being overweight or obese, or having a sedentary lifestyle with little to no exercises - Weight loss in those with obesity tends to lower the level of triglycerides. Physical activity can also be useful toward losing weight or slowing down weight gain.

Excessive alcohol intake - Alcohol abuse through heavy amounts of drinking can also lead to the condition.

Heavy intake of caffeine - Amounts beyond 500mg of caffeine per day can be an underlying cause. Any source of caffeine is considered to be a possibility for this: coffee, tea, sodas, etc.

Smoking - Considered to reduce HDL-cholesterol, which is useful in removing triglycerides from the blood and to the liver to be taken from the body. Therefore, it is indirectly thought to raise their levels.

Nephrotic syndrome - In this condition, the kidneys are damaged, and leak protein from the blood to the urine. It can lead to elevated levels of triglycerides, as well as other lipids.

Atherosclerosis - This is the thickening of artery walls due to excessive collection of fatty material like cholesterol. It is considered a chronic inflammatory response, and is sometimes called hardening of the arteries.

Hypothyroidism - When the thyroid is underactive, it produces less thyroid hormones. There are different forms of underactive thyroid conditions, collectively considered hypothyroidism.

Type 2 diabetes - This condition can lead to high triglycerides, however, when blood sugar levels are not controlled well, it is thought that they can rise significantly.

Poor diet - Certain diets, such as those containing excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates (grains, starches, etc.) can be a cause. High-sugar diets are a part of this group.

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